Bad Sex

Beautiful read and message. Really needed this right now!


Note to self: I am working this hard and staying this sober in order to afford to rent a beach house in July to visit my family in New Brunswick. Remember this!



CeCe McDonald, Reina Gossett, and Dean Spade: Police & prisons don’t keep us safe—we keep each other safe

We keep us safe

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Confession: my ass shelf is so big that when i serve at a crowded café it hangs over people’s tables.

WHOSE FEMINISM? Veiled women would face fascist restrictions on what and how they dress under the Parti Québecois’s Charter of Nationalist Bullshit known as the “Charter of Values” - it has been an open sore in the minds of progressive Quebeckers since it was announced last fall. We can stop it by OPPOSING THE PARTI QUEBECOIS on April 7th in provincial elections!

À bas la charte xénophobe! Oui à la liberté d’expression des cygnes et des signes individuelles! Pour une copie de ce dessin sur un badge que tu peux porter avec fierté, contacte-nous ou imprime-le toi même avec cette imprimerie et ce fichier PDF.
Down with the xenophobic charter! Yes to freedom of individual expression for all signs and swans! For a copy of this image on a button you can wear with pride, contact us or print it yourself using this printing company and this PDF file.http://cygne.remifa.so/Cygne ostentatoire : Jenny Galewski Badge : Matt C (@mvc1095)

Photo by Marlène Ramírez-Cancio
Every social engaged art project winds up looking like this <3
SO MUCH. “MY CRUSH IS THICK” by Jessica “Tools for Today” MacCormack (2014)