Artist Eric Drooker shares the inspiration behind next week’s cover, “Ferguson, Missouri.”


What they won’t show you on CNN tonight: Ferguson residents line a parade of roses down W Florissant, leading to where Mike Brown was taken from this world. #staywoke #powerful #insolidarity 

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I don’t need feminism because if woman has bodily autonomy, I can’t use her belly as a mattress. 
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interview — poet George Elliott Clarke on overcoming the Conservative government


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Listen to an interview with poet George Elliott Clarke on overcoming a Conservative government in Canada. In this interview the celebrated poet contrasts progressive aspects of Canadian history to the current libertarian inspired Conservative government, speaking on the importance also of linking contemporary policies to the trajectory of the Republican party in the US.

Specifically this interview addresses the importance of artists within past social movements in Canada and in the process of shaping progressive notions around collectivity in Canada. Extending from that the interview addresses the moves under the Conservatives to cut and limit public funding to the arts as symbolically important but also as having a potentially devastating social impact.

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Last night I saw the most powerful demonstration I have ever seen in my life. At least three people who use wheelchairs hoisted themselves on their bare hands up the stairs of the La Sala Rossa to draw attention to the intentionally inaccessible nature of this venue as a site of art-making for Hemispheric Institute Encuentros. I will never be the same. Afterwards, there was an “open non-mic” in front of the venue with-and-for those who could not access the space.  Estamos buscando una lugar para que presenten sus piezas el viernes por la noche porque yo no podia pasar por encima de la gente para llegar al cabaret. Ayer por la noche yo vi la demonstracion mas emotiva de me vida. estaban tres personas que abandonaron sus sillas a rueda para ascender la escalera de La Sala Rossa, monstrandonos hasta qué punto este espacio no es accessible para ellas. Después de que muchas personas entraban el lugar del Trasnocheo, pasando por encima l@s manifestantes literalmente, tuvieron un espactulo abietro en la calle para mostrar nuestra solidaridad. Esta manana lloré.
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No Selves To Defend Anthology: A Legacy of Criminalizing Women of Color for Self Defense

"I was motivated to create the ‘No Selves to Defend Anthology‘ as a fundraising tool and also as an educational and consciousness-raising one. The anthology locates Marissa’s [Alexander] case within a historical context that criminalizes and punishes women (particularly of color) for self-defense.” - Mariame Kaba


No Selves To Defend also features Yvonne Wanrow (Colville) with the contribution by Andrea Smith.

The publication is available today for $50 from the Free Marissa Alexander online store: http://www.zibbet.com/FreeMarissaAlexander/artwork?artworkId=2318730

You can also continue to support Marissa Alexander’s defense fund directly here: http://gogetfunding.com/project/marissa-alexander-freedom-fundraiser

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